Alabama Youth Justice Alliance

About AYJA

AYJA Mission

The Alabama Youth Justice Alliance (AYJA) is an alliance of youth-interested advocates, organizations, groups, coalitions, and families who are dedicated to ensuring that Alabama’s youth have the tools and opportunities necessary to grow into healthy, responsible, productive, and happy adults. Alliance members support each other through organized while working with the legislature, government systems, youth, families, and communities to develop reforms that build a stronger and safer Alabama for our children.

AYJA Guiding Principles
  1. All youth are entitled to a quality public education that provides a realistic opportunity for collegiate or vocational advancement.
  2. Youth who are identified as being in need of special education services are entitled to a free appropriate education.
  3. Youth have the right to attend school without fear of harsh and punitive discipline and zero-tolerance school policies and practices.
  4. Institutionalization is harmful to the growth and development of youth and should be treated as a last resort.
  5. Racial disparities in education and juvenile systems are unjust and are detrimental to Alabama’s future.
  6. Youth who are involved in the juvenile and/or criminal justice system are entitled to quality legal counsel that is tailored to the expressed interests of the youth.
  7. Youth should not be housed with or tried as adults, barring very rare circumstances.
AYJA Members

100 Black Men of Greater Montgomery

Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program

Alabama New South Coalition- Montgomery Chapter

Alabama New South Coalition- Birmingham Chapter

Alabama Possible – From the Alabama Poverty Project

Alabama Poverty Project

Big Brother Big Sister of Greater Birmingham

Birmingham Faith In Action

The Children’s District

Federation of Child Care Center of Alabama

Greater Birmingham Ministries

Legal Aid Society of Birmingham

National Alliance and Mental Illness of Alabama

Southern Poverty Law Center

VOICES for Alabama’s Children