Alabama Youth Justice Alliance

Living Up to Our Responsibilities as Adults

“Resources matter. They matter. What it takes to build strong, successful young people isn’t genetics or pedigree or good luck, it’s opportunity. And I know from my own experience. I started out with exactly the same aptitude, exactly the same intellectual, emotional capabilities as so many of my peers. And the only thing that separated […]

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Our Under-Reaction to Schools’ Over-Reaction

On Monday, Principal Alvin Dailey of LeFlore Magnet High School in Mobile, Alabama formally suspended approximately 100 kids for two days.  Their offense?  Dress code violations. In short, these kids were suspended for wearing the wrong colored shirts or socks and saggy pants. I could talk about how that decision contradicts evidence-based and common sense […]

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“A Reality Check on Newtown: We Must Move Forward, Not Back”

I, like most Americans, watched in horror as the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School unfurled last December. As a former elementary school teacher, I could not stop seeing my former students as possible victims, and I was angry, confused, and eager for change to prevent another incident like this one. Since the shooting, there’s […]

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